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Eight arrested in second drug raid at Broadway home

By Jayed Rahman
Published: December 3, 2015


City police arrested eight people during a second drug raid at 239 Broadway on Wednesday night, according to police. 302 glassines of heroin, a handgun, and 15 baggies of crack-cocaine was recovered, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Four alleged drug dealers Keith T. Hill, 46, who lives on the 4th floor at the building; Dandre Jacobus, 18, of Market Street; Rashon Alexander, 32, of Haledon;  Stephen Williams, 44, of Franklin Street were arrested, said the director.

Michael Costello, whose age was not available, of Park Avenue, a buyer, was arrested while four others were nabbed for outstanding warrants.

Erica Thompson, 44, of East 27th Street; Nikka Gee, 45, of 12th Avenue; and Jaquelyne Diaz, 33, of Godwin Avenue were arrested on warrant, said the director.

Hill had 100 glassines of heroin and a loaded H&K 9 mm handgun with 10 live rounds, said the director. He was charged with various drugs and weapons offenses as well as having a gun with a conviction.

Police recovered drug paraphernalia from Hill.

Jacobus had 94 glassines of heroin, three baggies of crack-cocaine, according to police. Jacobus was charged with various drug offenses as well as resisting arrest.

Jacobus also had an active warrant.

Alexander had 52 glassines of heroin, 11 baggies and 1 sandwich bag of crack-cocaine. He was charged on various drug offenses.

$374 in drug money was seized from Alexander.

Williams had 56 glassines of heroin. He was charged with various drug offenses, said the director.

Police raided the same home in late October and arrested five people. The director said the second raid at about 8:15 p.m. yesterday occurred following numerous complaints from area residents.

“This is unacceptable behavior in our city and the pressure will increase with the new year and serious sanctions based on new programs and prosecutions,” warned Speziale.

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