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Police arrest 15 people on drug charges

By Jayed Rahman
Published: December 22, 2015


15 people were arrested during a 13-day narcotics crackdown in various parts of the city leading to the seizure of almost 500 glassines of heroin, two guns, and $450 in suspected drug proceeds, according to police director Jerry Speziale.

Arrested on various drug charges were Nelson Matos, 61, of Highland Street; Cecilio Toledano, 57, of East 13th Street; Jhenfry Martinez, 33, of Prospect Park; Edwin Santiago also known as “Eleon,” 46, of Martin Street; Jeffrey Smith, 42, of 12th Avenue; Dabarr M. Jones, 27, of Warren Street; Craig A. Lawrie, 44, of Van Houten Street; Eric L. Boone, 27, of Ellison Street; Mose D. Austin also known as “Hunt,” 28, of Alois Place; Phillip L. Smith also known as “Phillip Smith-Gerald,” 40, of Godwin Avenue; Anthony Belton, 45, of Lodi; Jeffrey Smith, 42, of 12th Avenue; Kelly M. Kautz, 33, of East 18th Street; Nikyia Robinson also known as “Teabout” and “Nicole,” 46, homeless; and Eugene W. White, 55, of East 21st Street.

Police recovered 496 glassines of heroin, nine bags of marijuana, 61 bags of crack-cocaine, and 23 film strips of Suboxone during the crackdown which began on December 9th and continued through December 21st, 2015, said the director.

Two weapons were recovered from Smith on Hamilton Avenue and Rosa Parks Boulevard, said the director. Smith allegedly had a Colt MkIV .45cal pistol and  a Savage model B double barrel sawed off shotgun, according to police.

$451 in suspected drug proceeds was recovered during the operations.

“The men and women of the Paterson narcotics division worked tirelessly to read our city of illegal drugs,” commended Speziale.

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