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Teague: Coming Fiscal Fiasco for Paterson Public Schools

By Corey Teague
Published: January 15, 2016


It is no secret that PPS is headed for another year of excruciating cuts. From staff to vital services, cuts will be made. There’s no escaping it unless some serious decisions are made to scale back the amount of political patronage jobs the district readily hands out.

I want to speak to those of you who have children enrolled in the district’s special education program. I need you to be vigilant. I need you to be aware.

I need you to pay attention to the budget and ANY cuts being made to special ed. If your child doesn’t receive every ounce of services prescribed in the IEP then you must take legal action. It’s not about a lawsuit.

It’s about protecting your child’s educational rights¬† and making sure they are receiving the services to which they are entitled. Don’t be intimidated by anyone or anything. Especially when it comes to advocating for your children.

This year will be a rocky one to say the least but that doesn’t mean we as parents should just lay down and accept what is handed to us. At least push-back. After all, it’s our children who will suffer if we sit back and do nothing.

Corey Teague
Former school board member

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