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Paterson increases road repair contract by $67,000 to resurface portion of Jasper Street

By Jayed Rahman
Published: January 25, 2016


The city council approved a change order to the 1st and 2nd Ward phase one road repair project increasing the contract amount by $67,000 to include a portion of Jasper Street, according to government records.

The change order increases the contract for Wallington-based Smith-Sondy Asphalt Construction from $1,933,088 to $2,000,788, according to city records.

The company is handling road resurfacing for phase one of mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ $37 million road reconstruction project in the 1st and 2nd Wards, according to government records.

The increase will allow the company to resurface a portion of Jasper Street from Doremus Avenue to the dead end at the Molly Ann Brook, according to city records.

Jasper Street was not originally on the mayor’s road reconstruction project, according to municipal records.

Kenneth Morris, councilman at-large, asked where the fund is coming from to support the change order.

The money is coming from the funds the city borrowed for the road repair project, said city officials.

“I just need assurance there was enough capacity within that issuance to accommodate this change order,” said Morris.

“Yes there is,” responded James Ten Hoeve, acting finance director. The phase one budget for the road repair project is $11.6 million, according to city officials.

Morris worried at some point the city will have to reduce its scope of work as it continue to make changes. He warned the city may run out of the borrowed money before completing the 170 primary roads, according to city officials.

“At certain point we’re going to extend beyond the original bond issuance,” said Morris. “If we continue to do change orders something has to give and it’s going to give at the back end.”

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