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18 people arrested in Paterson’s weekly narcotics sweep, police

By Jayed Rahman
Published: February 13, 2016


City police arrested 18 people on drug charges during the first week of February, according to police.

Police seized 258 glassines of heroin, 55 Xanax and 6 Percocet pills, 10 baggies of powder cocaine, 29 bags of crack-cocaine, and 16 baggies of marijuana during the sweep from February 1st through February 8th, 2016, according to police.

$12,942 in suspected drug money was confiscated, according to police. Arrested on drug charges were city residents Aldado M. Torres, 54; Jerry Nelson, 21; Hasan R. Reams, 35; Orlando Sanchez, 20; Carlos M. Almonte, 19; Rosemary Arriola, 28; Miguel Ozuna, 26; Gary Cabrera, 21; Denzil A. Smith, 24; and Edward L. Miller, 20.

Also arrested were Brett C. Cone, 26, and William P. McIvor, 27, both of Highland Falls, NY; James Hastings, 48, of Lodi; Julissa Garcia, 23, of East Rutherford; Darnell M. Harker, 31, of Englewood; Damere Q. Demarest, 23, of Prospect Park; Vanessa DeLeon, 30, of Clifton; Felix J. Marquez, hometown and age unreleased by police.

Nelson was arrested selling 10 glassines of heroin to Torres on February 1st, 2016 on Mercer and Warren Streets, according to police.

$210 in suspected drug proceeds was taken from Nelson.

Cone and McIvor were nabbed on 18th Avenue and East 31st Street the same day with 96 glassines of heroin.

Hastings, Garcia, and Harker were caught on Park Avenue and East 33rd Street the same day with 55 Xanax pills and 13 glassines of heroin.

Police took $1,760 from Garcia and $8,855 from Harker in suspected drug proceeds.

Reams and Demarest were caught at 663 East 25th Street on February 3rd, 2016 with 10 glassines of heroin.

Sanchez, Almonte, DeLeon, Marquez, and Arriola were arrested at 13 Southard Street on February 4th, 2016, according to police.

Sanchez and Almonte were in possession of marijuana. DeLeon had a baggie of marijuana and five Percocet pills, according to police.

Marquez had 15 baggies of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. $73 in cash was taken from him as drug money.

Arriola, Cabrera, and Ozuna had nine glassines of heroin, 10 baggies of powder cocaine, and 29 baggies of crack-cocaine, according to police.

$408 in cash was taken from Cabrera.

Smith and Miller were caught on Wall and 13th Avenues on February 8th, 2016. Both had 120 glassines of heroin.

Police seized $770 in drug money from Smith and $866 from Miller.

“The men and women continue to go after both the supply and demand in ridding our city of illegal drugs,” praised police director Jerry Speziale.

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