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Police arrest man with two guns after chase through 12th Avenue

By Jayed Rahman
Published: February 17, 2016


35-year-old city resident Myson Peeples couldn’t get far when he began running away from police officers on 12th Avenue and East 22nd Street after he was suspected to have a gun in his possession.

Police officers S. Marotta and J Suarez gave chase and arrested him early Wednesday morning on 12th Avenue and East 24th Street, said police director Jerry Speziale. He was charged with weapons and drugs offenses, according to police.

Peeples was observed inside a Lincoln Town Car that was idling and parked on 12th Avenue and East 22nd Street at about 4:45 a.m. He unsuccessfully attempted to conceal himself by leaning back in the car.

Marotta and Suarez approached the car. Peeples attempted to exit the car with his hand on his waistband. The butt of a handgun was observed by the offices. Peeples was ordered to stop. Peeples ran down 12th Avenue with Marotta and Suarez following.

Police said Peeples discarded a loaded 9mm Taurus handgun while fleeing on foot. He was caught after a two-block chase, said the director. A search of Peeples’ person yielded another weapon a .357 Magnum revolver that was inside his jacket pocket and several bags of drugs, according to police.

Peeples’ car was towed as evidence. He was charged with possession of a weapon to commit a drug offense, having a weapon with a prior conviction, resisting arrest by running, possession of heroin, crack, MDMA, and marijuana, and intent to distribute drugs, said the director.

“This should send a clear message that individuals involved in drugs and guns will be held accountable for their actions,” said Speziale. He praised the two officers for chasing down the armed suspect.

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