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16 arrested, 610 bags of heroin seized in Paterson’s weekly drug sweep

By Jayed Rahman
Published: February 21, 2016


15 city residents and 1 Garfield man were arrested during a city wide drug sweep from February 9th through 15th, 2016, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police recovered a handgun and seized 610 glassine bags of heroin, said the director. 48 baggies of crack-cocaine, 21 baggies of marijuana as well as loose marijuana under 50 grams were seized, said the director.

8 Ecstasy and 1 knotted bag of MDMA pills were also confiscated, said the director. $2,085 in suspected drug money was taken during the sweep.

City residents arrested were Kareen T. Edmund, 36, of Lafayette Street; Corey L. Nero, 42, of Fair Street; Christian G. Cody, 22, of 20th Avenue; Terrell Hall, 46, of Madison Avenue; Gregory M. Williams, 52, of Stout Street; Itlin State, 49, of Auburn Street; Fredrick N. Lemmon, 56, of Camden Street; Carlos Naspud, 33, of Main Street; Anthony Clemens also known as “Nature,” 34, of Washington Avenue; Tamir Taylor also known as Jamik Williams, 27, of Governor Street; Sheronda McRae, 43, of 12th Avenue; Dervin Perez, 22, of Van Houten Street; Tameir Hedgeman, 23, of North 4th Street; Raheem J. Lattimore, 32, of Straight Street; and Yason K. Fields, 26, of North 6th Street.

Garfield resident Xavier Bernard, 25, was arrested with three glassines of heroin. He purchased the bags from Hall, who had 34 glassines of heroin, at 83 Auburn Street on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016.

Edmund, Nero, Cody, Williams, and State were also arrested at the same location. Edmund was charged with having a 9 mm HighPoint CN9 handgun. He ran from police and flushed drugs down the toilet, said the director. $178 in suspected drug money was taken from him.

Nero also tried to flee from police. He had 33 bags of crack cocaine, according to police. $652 in suspected drug money was confiscated from him.

Cody had in possession 306 glassines of heroin. He also tried to run from police. He is also charged with a burglary. $224 in drug money was seized from Cody.

Williams is charged with having 1 glassine of heroin and State is charged with having drug paraphernalia, according to police.

The next day police conducted an investigation at 105 Presidential Boulevard arresting Lemmon with 15 baggies of crack-cocaine. The same day police arrested Naspud and Clemens on drug charges at 615 Main Street.

Naspud had loose marijuana under 50 grams in his possession, according to police. Clemens had 269 glassines of heroin, 7 baggies of marijuana, 1 knotted bag of MDMA, 8 Ecstasy pills, and drug paraphernalia, said the director.

$544 in suspected drug money was confiscated from Clemens.

Taylor and McRae were arrested on February 11th, 2016 at 151 12th Avenue. Taylor had 5 baggies of marijuana and resisted arrest, according to police.

McRae, who lives at the address, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Perez, Hedgeman, Lattimore, and Fields were arrested on Clinton and North 6th Streets on February 15th, 2016.

Perez and Hedgeman were charged with having each one baggie of marijuana. Lattimore and Fields had 9 baggies.

Police said Lattimore and Fields sold 1 bag to Perez.

$285 in suspected drug money was confiscated from Fields, said the director.

“If you defy logic and attempt to distribute narcotics in our city we will tirelessly pursue and arrest you,” said Speziale.

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