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15 community gardens receive $180,000 in Passaic County grant funds

By Jonathan Greene
Published: April 11, 2016


Five city groups were among 15 to receive $180,000 in Passaic County grant funding targeted for urban farming and community gardens from Clifton-based nonprofit City Green.

Christ Church United Methodist received the largest grant, $2,500, in Paterson. While Paterson Urban Garden Group received $1,000. Canaan Baptist Church received $1,000. Grace Chapel Church received $1,000. And the Elysian Fields Community Garden received $500.

City Green awarded the grants through its “Dig In!” Community Garden and Neighborhood Farming Program on Thursday from a $190,000 Passaic County Open Space and Farmland Preservation grant it received in February.

“This funding from the Passaic County Freeholders allows City Green to continue this important community gardening initiative and allow for community gardens to continue to thrive in both suburban and urban environments in Passaic County,” Jennifer Papa, City Green Executive Director, said.

Created in 2014, the “Dig In!” program aims to promote community gardens in urban, suburban, and rural areas of Passaic County for fresh food production, neighborhood beautification, and community enhancement.

“People want to eat fresh and organic food, but sometimes eating healthy can be too expensive,” Passaic County Freeholder Director Theodore “TJ” Best said. “These community gardens beautify our community and produce food that is healthy.”

Best said the food grown in community gardens are given to needy families.

City Green disbursed grants ranging from $500 to $2,500 to nonprofits and municipalities. This is the second year the nonprofit issued grant funding to various Passaic County organizations, according to Best.

Other recipients of “Dig In!” grant funds are:

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