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Man defends self with razor, holds would-be robbers with pants down until police arrival

By Jayed Rahman
Published: April 12, 2016


Three alleged robbers targeted the wrong man early Tuesday morning when the victim used a razor to cut one suspect and detain two of them until police arrived on the scene, said police director Jerry Speziale.

The two captured suspects Nefy Marte, 24, and Maraquan Adamson, 22, both of Paterson, were with a third male bent on robbing the victim, who was inside a van at a parking lot on 18th Avenue and East 29th Street, at about 4:45 a.m.

The victim noticed a black Honda circle his van several times. Three males exited the car. One approached the victim on his driver side window and demanded his belonging.

Fearing for his personal safety, the victim attempted to leave with his vehicle, noticing two males were coming from behind with a hammer and trying to break out his rear window.

Police said the first male who made demands for the victim’s property got back into the vehicle and attempted to block in the victim. The victim struck the suspects’ vehicle and pushed it into the Food Basics parking lot at 178 18th Avenue.

The victim then lost control of the car and crashed with suspects and a building, said police. Two of the would-be robbers then chased the victim on foot and tried to assault him with an unknown weapon, according to police.

The victim cut one of the suspect with a razor to protect himself.

Police did not find any weapons at the scene.

A struggle ensued between two of the suspects and the victim in which the victim gained the upper hand.

Police said the victim ordered both suspects to the ground. He forced compliance by commanding both suspects to lower their pants to the ground to bar them from fleeing.

A police unit made it to the scene after getting report of an assault in progress in the area. Three other units joined. Police arrested the two suspects Marte and Adamson.

Marte sustained lacerations to the hand while Adamson suffered injuries to the head and chest after being hit by the victim’s vehicle, said police. Both suspects were taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment. Both were treated and released.

Police charged Marte and Adamson with robbery.

The victim was taken to police headquarters for a statement, said the director.

Speziale said this episode is a cautionary tale for criminals attempting to waylay city residents. “Individuals who prey on the community best beware,” he said.

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