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Police raid Paterson drug mill, arrest 8, seize hundreds of bags of drugs

By Jayed Rahman
Published: April 23, 2016


A raid at 14 Jane Street on Friday evening lead to the arrest of eight people and the seizure of 7,000 empty glassines bags, 23 different heroin brand stamp, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police raided 14 Jane Street at about 6:30 p.m. and seized 319 glassines of heroin, 102 grams of marijuana, 16 baggies of crack-cocaine, and 5 baggies of MDMA, according to police.

City residents Andrea Fernandez, 26, of Elm Street; Eric Sanchez, 25, of Maitland Avenue; Christopher Costa, 24, of Jane Street; Angello Costa, 26, of Jane Street; Consuela Santistevan, 55, of Jane Street; and Kahlif Lee, 32, of Fulton Street were charged with maintaining a drug production facility, possession of drug paraphernalia, evidence destruction, hindering apprehension, and various drug offenses.

Police also arrested two alleged city buyers Steven Torres, 29, of Jasper Street, and Bryan Rodriguez, 29, of Albion Avenue. Torres and Rodriguez purchased 2 baggies of marijuana from the six alleged dealers.

“This was a drug distribution mill and the men and women worked tirelessly in locating and closing the operation down to make a safer city,” said Speziale. “We will continue pursue vigorously those who manufacture, sell or buy drugs in our city.”

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