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Police: 14 charged in weekly Paterson narcotics sweep

By Jayed Rahman
Published: April 24, 2016


Police officers charged 14 people with drug offenses during the city’s weekly narcotics sweep, said police director Jerry Speziale.

414 glassines of heroin, 22 baggies of marijuana, 75 baggies of crack-cocaine, and $5,206 in suspected drug money was seized during the sweep from April 12th through 18th, 2016, according to police.

Arrested on drug charges were city residents: a 17-year-old city boy; a 16-year-old boy; Bilal A. McFadden, 19, of Arch Street; Zakee Goodwin, 19, of 12th Avenue; Terrence L. James, 42, of May Street; and Runako O. Bailey, 38, East 30th Street.

Also arrested were Scott J. McGuire, 41, of Clifton; Issac I. Porter, 44, of Hackensack; Christopher J. LaForge, 32, of Wayne; Mark Lenney, 27, of Oak Ridge; David M. Mullin, 47, of Oakland; Daniel J. Morrill, 24, of Oakland; Zohair N. Ghalyeh, 26, of Clifton; and Marc D. Sherwood, 39, Ramsey.

The two juveniles were arrested at Godwin and Rosa Parks Boulevard on April 12th, 2016. Both were charged with having 50 glassines of heroin, according to police.

$214 in suspected drug cash was seized from the teen.

On the same day, at the corner of 12th Avenue and East 22nd Street, police arrested McGuire and Porter with a glassine of heroin, said police.

Porter resisted arrest by flight, said the director.

The next day, April 13th, 2016, police busted LaForge and McFadden at 34 Jefferson Street. LaForge was charged with having 7 glassines of heroin while McFadden was charged with having 52 glassines of heroin and selling 7 to LaForge, said police.

At Cliff and Oxford Streets, police nabbed Lenney and Mullin with 8 glassines of heroin, according to police.

On the same day, police arrested Morrill, Ghalyeh, Goodwin, and James at 13 12th Avenue, said the director.

Morrill was charged with having 9 glassines of heroin and 1 baggie of crack-cocaine; Ghalyeh was charged with having 1 glassine of heroin; Goodwin had 21 baggies of crack-cocaine, according to police.

$48 in cash was seized from Godwin, said police.

James is accused of having 296 glassines of heroin, 5 baggies of marijuana, and 53 baggies of crack-cocaine, according to police.

James allegedly sold to Morrill and Ghalyeh.

$732 in suspected drug money was seized from James.

On April 18th, 2016, police arrested Sherwood and Bailey at 10th Avenue and East 28th Street. Bailey allegedly had 17 baggies of marijuana.

Bailey allegedly sold 2 baggies to Sherwood.

$4,159 in drug money was seized from Bailey, said police.

“If you deal drugs in our city we will continue to pursue you at every angle,” said Speziale.

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