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18 arrested on drug charges in Paterson’s narcotics sweep

By Jayed Rahman
Published: May 1, 2016


18 people were arrested on various drug charges in the city’s weekly narcotics sweep, according to police.

Police seized 372 glassines of heroin, 83 baggies of marijuana, 6 baggies of synthetic marijuana, and 16 baggies of crack-cocaine, said police director Jerry Speziale. $4,401 in suspected drug money was seized in the sweep from April 19th to 25th, 2016, according to police.

City residents charged in the sweep were Jahmel R. Vaughn, 20, of Rosa Parks Boulevard; Kathleen Kirsteuer, 46, of River Street; Geronimo Shabazz, 48, of Park Place; Jason H. Bell, 29, of Park Place; Michael A. Harris, 29, of North 7th Street; Trenay D. Cox, 29, of Vreeland Avenue; Rayshawn J. Johnson, 26, of Vreeland Avenue; Franchesca Hernandez, 22, of Kathy’s Court; and Carlos Torres, 39, of Jersey Street.

Others charged were Mark J. Olszewski, 24, of Teaneck; David R. Wozniak, 24, of Union; Connor B. Atkinson, 24, of Montville; Jamey L. Quitzau, 36, of Rockaway; Robert A. Smith, 34, of Rockaway; Raymond R. Hughes, 21, of Oakland; Anthony J. Damato, 54, Lodi; Stephen T. Verobel, 27, of Emerson; and Arthur Williams, 36, of East Orange.

Olszewski, Wozniak, and Atkinson were busted at McLean Boulevard and 20th Avenue on April 19th, 2016. Wozniak and Atkinson were charged with having 61 glassines of heroin. Olszewski was charged with having 34 glassines of heroin, according to police.

On the same day, police charged Quitzau and Smith with having 20 glassines of heroin at 19th Avenue and East 31st Street, according to police.

Vaughn was charged with having 22 plastic baggies of marijuana on April 20th, 2016 at Rosa Parks Boulevard and Lafayette Street.

$1,388 in suspected drug money was seized from Vaughn.

Hughes, Kirsteuer, Damato, Shabazz, and Bell were nabbed at 4 Park Place on the same day. Hughes was charged with having 1 baggie of crack-cocaine.

Kirsteuer and Damato were charged with loitering to commit a drug offense, according to police.

Shabazz was charged with having 6 baggies of synthetic marijuana.

$498 in suspected drug money was seized from Shabazz.

Bell was charged with having 7 baggies of crack-cocaine of which he allegedly sold 1 baggie to Hughes. He also allegedly had 1 baggie of marijuana.

$578 in suspected drug money was seized from Bell.

On April 21st, 2016, Verobel, Harris, and Williams were arrested at 87 Auburn Street.

Verobel was charged with having 2 glassines of heroin. He was also charged with theft and “escape,” according to police.

Harris and Williams were charged with having 242 glassines of heroin. Harris and Williams allegedly sold the 2 baggies to Verobel.

Harris and Williams also allegedly had 9 baggies of crack-cocaine. Harris and Williams were charged with having drug paraphernalia.

Harris was also charged with resisting arrest by flight.

$272 in suspected drug money was seized from Harris. $600 in suspected drug money was taken from Williams.

Cox and Johnson were charged with having 51 baggies of marijuana at 274 Vreeland Avenue on April 22nd, 2016.

Cox and Johnson were also charged having drug paraphernalia.

$1,065 was taken from Johnson.

Police busted 23 Oak Street arresting Hernandez and Torres on April 25th, 2016.

Torres allegedly had 15 glassines of heroin and 9 baggies of marijuana. Hernandez was charged with having 50 grams of marijuana, according to police.

“We will continue to pursue the demand and supply infecting our city with illegal drugs,” said Speziale.

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