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Paterson drug dealer caught with almost 250 bags of crack-cocaine, heroin

By Jayed Rahman
Published: May 3, 2016


City resident Terrell Hall was arrested early Monday morning with 131 baggies of crack-cocaine and 112 glassines of heroin outside of 83 Auburn Street, according to police.

Hall charged with various drug offenses. He was observed exchanging a bag of crack for money at about 3:30 a.m. with the driver of a dark colored vehicle by officers Jonathan Bustios and Eudy Ramos.

Police seized $158 in cash from Hall, said police director Jerry Speziale. Bustios and Ramos stopped to interview Hall, but he began to walk away while dropping small white items in the process.

The officers ordered him to stop. He complied. “I have a few bags of crack, please don’t arrest me officers,” Hall told the officers.

Hall was placed under arrest. A search of his person yielded two bricks of heroin in his right pant pocket. As Ramos walked Hall to the back of the patrol car a black handgun was retrieved from the sidewalk of 83 Auburn Street.

Hall denied any involvement with the handgun found a few feet from him. Police recovered the Wesson revolver .38 special. A database check of the weapon indicated the weapon was not stolen.

Speziale praised the two officers for their alertness and ability to size up a situation that led to the removal of a drug dealer and a weapon from city streets.

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