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3rd Ward battle: McKoy versus the school board, Teague

By Corey Teague
Published: May 7, 2016


We have a very important election coming up on May 10th. All 6 municipal council seats will be up for grabs. I would caution you to pay very close attention and to be an informed voter.

I think it must be reiterated that for the first time ever we have 4 sitting school board members attempting to fill council seats. Particularly, in the 3rd Ward where 3 of our current school board members (Kenneth Simmons, Flavio Rivera & Lilisa Mimms) are running.

It should be disconcerting to us all that these school board members are attempting to jump ship at one of the most crucial times in Paterson Public Schools history.

It is vitally important that 3rd Ward residents to send a message to these school board members. That message must be for them to remain committed to the seats they currently hold. They should finish their terms on the school board before attempting to fill any other elected seat.

This is serious, folks. I support the 3rd Ward incumbent, council president Bill McKoy. He has been committed to the process for 16 years as well as being an ordained minister, husband and community leader. He has stood the test of time and must be returned to the seat if the 3rd Ward is to continue to thrive as a community.

Corey L. Teague
Activist and former school board member

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