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Sayegh: Patersonians reaffirmed their faith in me

By To the Editor
Published: May 14, 2016


I am profoundly grateful to all of the Patersonians who went to the polls this past Tuesday and reaffirmed their faith in me. My feet may be battered and bruised after walking throughout the whole ward but I am ready to hit the ground running in my next term.

By building a playground at no cost to the taxpayer, opening up a new preschool for an underserved population, and shutting down 9 notorious nightclubs, we have succeeded in making the 6th Ward more family friendly.

Our commercial curfew ordinance has helped reduce crime in our city’s hot spots and our abandoned properties ordinance has generated revenue for our city’s cash-strapped coffers. Moreover, the building boom taking place in South Paterson is unprecedented. Consequently, we are proud to pronounce that the 6th Ward is more business friendly.

I will continue to hold the administration accountable and advocate for good government. However, it is incumbent upon on all elected officials on all levels to fiercely focus on providing much-needed relief for our over-burdened taxpayers.

Economic development is at the top of my agenda. We have been able to attract investors into the Sixth Ward but that must happen in all six wards. However, our city must be safer before it can become stronger.

We still have work to do in the Sixth Ward and I am eager to continue collaborating with Congressman Bll Pascrell, our state legislative delegation, county government and municipal officials to positively impact the lives of the people we represent. Thus, I am thankful to have received another opportunity to serve.

Andre Sayegh
6th Ward councilman

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