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Paterson charter school students study life cycles of chicken, butterfly

By Jonathan Greene
Published: June 6, 2016


A group of kindergartners learned about the life cycles of chicken and butterfly at the John P. Holland Charter School.

Students from Michelle Tencza’s kindergarten class spent the spring monitoring the incubation of eggs every day until the youngsters observed little chicks breaking their way through the egg shells.

It takes approximately 21 days for an egg to hatch. Tencza’s class conducted a study of the life cycles of two distinct creatures.

Students witnessed a caterpillars, a hairy, worm-like, slithering creature transform into a colorful Painted Lady butterfly. The children were unfamiliar with caterpillars before the experiment, noted their teacher Tencza.

“It was a great experience for the children to be able to observe and document the life cycle of two very common, but very different creatures,” Tencza said.

The chicks went through a growth spurt doubling in size in matter of weeks. Students had to let go of both the butterflies and the chicks.

Tencza’s class released the butterflies outside of the John P. Holland Charter School’s campus and gave the chicks to the poultry farm that provided the group eggs to conduct their life cycle study experiments.

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