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Paterson pays son of man who died after assault at Center City sports bar

By Jayed Rahman
Published: June 23, 2016


The city has settled a lawsuit filed by the son of a man who was badly assaulted at the Center City Sports Bar and later died from his injuries.

Daniel Lamont Anthony was attacked by some of the patrons of the Center City Sports Bar and Grill on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 while he was at the mall with his family and friends, according to court complaint filed by his son Mar’Shea Daniel Anthony.

Daniel Lamont Anthony and the other patrons were told to leave the bar. He left the bar and entered the mall at which point one of the patrons attacked him.

Police responded to the scene and arrested Anthony’s family for causing a disturbance, according to the court complaint. He approached the police officers to have his family members released, but police officers arrested him.

Daniel Lamont Anthony was taken to police headquarters. The lawsuit alleges police did not offer or provide the man medical attention for the injuries he sustained in the attack.

The lawsuit states Daniel Lamont Anthony spent the night at a police holding cell. He was released and died. “It was determined that the cause of the death was blunt force to the head,” reads the lawsuit.

Mar’Shea Daniel Anthony named the city in the lawsuit for failing to offer medical attention to his father. He also names the defunct Center City Sports Bar, Center City Mall, Alma Realty, and Allied Barton Security Services.

It’s not clear whether the family struck settlements with the other parties in the lawsuit.

Newark-based attorney Nathaniel Davis, who is litigating Mar’Shea Daniel Anthony’s lawsuit, was not in office to respond to a call for comment on Thursday morning.

Council members approved $7,500 to settle Mar’Shea Daniel Anthony’s claim against the municipality at a special meeting on Tuesday night.

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