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Paterson’s drug sweep yields 14 arrests, almost 1,900 bags of heroin

By Jayed Rahman
Published: July 10, 2016


The city’s weekly narcotics crackdown yielded 14 arrests, 1,870 glassines of heroin, 3 baggies of marijuana, 13 plastic jars of marijuana, 14 baggies of crack-cocaine, and 1 handgun, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police also seized $1,769 in drug money during the sweep from June 28th through July 4th, 2016. Arrested during the sweep were city residents Juned Ahmed, 23, of Gould Avenue; Mohammed Rahman, 21, of Bloomfield Avenue; Shane S. Thomas, 21, of East 19th Street; Rashawn L. Brown, 45, of East 39th Street; John K. Houston, 27, of East 39th Street; Kareem T. Edmond aka “Ren,” 36, of East 18th Street; Darryl D. Jones, 42, of Straight Street; Zikeme Brooks, 23, of Carroll Street; Johnny M. Hargon, 60, of Rosa Parks Boulevard; and Jamere Williams aka “Chop,” 24, of Rosa Parks Boulevard.

Also arrested on drug charges were Adam Goring, 39, of Little Falls; Kelly Gallagar, 39, of Little Falls; Walter Walker, 51, of Elmwood Park; and Morgan Williams, 25, of Totowa, according to police.

Ahmed and Rahman were arrested at 70 Michigan Avenue on June 28th, 2016. Police said Rahman had 66 grams of marijuana or 23 baggies. He allegedly sold 1 baggie to Ahmed, according to police.

$266 in drug money was seized from Rahman.

Thomas was arrested during the same day on Governor and Carroll Streets. He had an illegal firearm that was defaced, according to police.

Police charged Brown and Houston with having 1,826 glassines of heroin on June 29th, 2016. Both were arrested in the basement apartment of 586 East 39th Street, according to police.

$24 in suspected drug money was seized from Brown and $539 from Houston.

Goring and Gallagar were charged with having 8 glassines of heroin on June 30th, 2016. Both were charged Route 80 West and Madison Avenue.

Walker and Edmond were arrested at 751 East 18th Street on the same day. Edmond sold 1 baggie of crack-cocaine to Walker, according to police.

Williams and Jones were caught at 334 Summer Street with 13 plastic jars of marijuana, 9 glassines of heroin, and 8 baggies of crack-cocaine on June 30th, 2016.

$551 in drug money was taken from Jones.

On July 1st, 2016, police nabbed Brooks with 4 baggies of crack-cocaine at 175 Godwin Avenue.

$105 in drug money was confiscated from Brooks.

Hargon and Williams were arrested on the same day at 159 Governor Street for having 27 glassines of heroin.

Police took $53 from Hargon and $231 from Williams in suspected drug money, said the director.

“The men and women of the department will continue to address illegal drugs in our city,” said Speziale. “We will pursue all those that dare to sell or purchase drugs in Paterson.”

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