Paterson police arrest two, seize handgun while investigating gunfire on Governor Street | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest two, seize handgun while investigating gunfire on Governor Street


Police arrested two men and seized a handgun with seven bullets while investigating reports of gunfire on Governor Street on Sunday morning, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Tyrone Thompson and Gary Thomas were arrested on gun and marijuana possession after police officers responded to report of three gunshots fired in front of 288 Governor Street at about 6:45 a.m.

Police received information that a gray minivan left the scene after shots were fired. Before the arrests police recovered 3 gold 9mm Luger shell casings and 1 projectile fragment.

Police officers collected the evidence and while returning to headquarters to tag the evidence received information that a suspect was back at the location. Police returned to the scene at about 7:28 a.m.

Thomas walked out of the alley of 288 Governor Street. Officers interviewed and patted down Thomas for possible weapons.

“I only have some weed on me. It’s in my left pant pocket,” Thomas told police. A large bag of marijuana was seized from Thomas. He was placed under arrest for drug possession.

Officers Frank Toledo and Matthew Torres tactically entered the backyard of 288 Governor Street and found two men gathering there. Thompson grew alarmed while the other cooperated with police.

Thompson began to walk away from the officers hiding his waistband which allegedly had a handgun. He allegedly disobeyed orders to stop and was observed discarding a weapon over a concrete barrier.

Officers heard the metal weapon hit the concrete. After discarding the weapon, Thompson complied with officers’ requests. A 9mm Luger and 7 gold rounds were recovered. The rounds were similar to those recovered during the initial investigation.

24 plastic baggies of marijuana and $195 was confiscated from Thompson. He was taken to police cellblock.

“Yo officers, that’s my gun and I busted out about three shots earlier while chilling in front of that house,” Thompson blurted out while being detained in cellblock. He said he fired the shots at 6:35 a.m. which matched the initial report of gunfire at the location.

Thompson was charged with various weapons offenses. He also had an outstanding $500 warrant out of Passaic City.

The third man, who cooperated with police, was not arrested. He resides at 288 Governor Street with his aunt. He did not have any outstanding warrants under his name.

Lieutenant Daniel Rooney, sergeant Michael Cheff, and officer Daniel Pent also played a role in the arrests.

“The teamwork between the officers was outstanding.  Clearly, the officers methodically and safely removed a dangerous individual, weapon and narcotics from our streets,” said Speziale. “During this difficult time nationally, this is a clear example of the restraint and dangers faced by Paterson police officers daily.”

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    our officers have amazing restraint.if i saw a guy with a gun & he defied order to stop,i would shoot him in a fraction of a second.

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