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Paterson resident defends, supports school board candidate Teague

By To the Editor
Published: August 8, 2016


I am writing this letter in support of Corey Teague for his tireless efforts to shed light on the state of our youth in the city of Paterson and the State of New Jersey. Corey has a proven track record of doing his research and sharing the truth of the information about the state of Education and programs for our youth.

I have witnessed Corey Teague be an excellent father to his children and standing firm in what he believes is right for them and to be judged by as father by anyone is quite unsettling for me.

In this country we have a freedom of speech. Given what has been happening in the city of Paterson I applaud the efforts of Mr. Teague and others who protest the use of children as pawns in a political tug of war between elected officials. While we don’t always have to agree, there are certain things we must stand for.

It is sad to know that a difference of opinion would lead one to blur lines and file a police report against Mr. Teague. Without shedding light on his personal life most of us know that Corey Teague is the primary caregiver of his children and a report like this causes more harm than good.

In Paterson we have so many issues to tackle and it is time that we are all truthful about the plight of our children and work together to ensure that recreation programs are fully funded and remain untouchable, to rebuild our failing schools and to offer opportunities for advanced learning and skills for our youth.

Three cheers to former school board member Corey Teague for continuing to remain active on behalf of Paterson kids.

Teresa McDermott, M.Ed
Paterson resident

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