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15-year-old runaway Paterson boy found with heroin

By Jayed Rahman
Published: August 25, 2016


A 15-year-old runaway boy was found with 16 packets of heroin on Mercer and Keen Streets, said police director Jerry Speziale on Thursday morning.

Detectives utilized a tip to track the missing boy to Mercer and Lafayette. When detectives Jeffrey Robinson and Phillip Calicchio arrived at the location, the boy was nowhere to be found.

Detective canvassed the area to find a group of juvenile congregating in the corner of Mercer and Keen Streets. There, the 15-year-old boy, saw the officers and began to flee. He was quickly taken into custody and found to have 16 glassines of heroin, said the director.

The boy was charged and is being held at the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center in Newark.

Last Thursday, police located a 16-year-old city boy, who also ran away from home, with 8 Alprazolam pills and 12 clear plastic baggies or 11 grams of cocaine.

“The juvenile division has really stepped up its efforts in their abilities to deal with juvenile issues in our city,” said Speziale. “The collective effort by all has once again resulted in a successful conclusion.”

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