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Paterson police arrest 21, seize 574 packets of heroin in weekly drug sweep

By Jayed Rahman
Published: September 10, 2016


Twenty-one people were arrested and 574 packets of heroin was seized during the city’s weekly drug sweep, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police also seized 23 Oxycodone pills, 12 baggies of marijuana, 14 baggies of crack-cocaine, and 4 baggies of powdered cocaine, said police. $584 in drug money was seized during the sweep from August 30th through September 6th, 2016, according to police.

City residents arrested were Kayvon Vineer, 23, of 17th Avenue; Daniel DiMitro, 23, of Hill Street; Rusty Thompson, 27, of Market Street; Erik Peguero, 27, of 6th Avenue; Maroin Smith, 38, of Highland Street; Rasheed M. Chapman, 34, of West Broadway; David Elliot, 30, of East 19th Street; Tyrone Jackson, 18, of Governor Street; Jaheem Warren aka “Jah,” 25, of East 33rd Street; Tydis Robertson, 21, of Madison Avenue; Cindy Kelly, 33, of Bufallo Avenue; Anthony J. Jackson, 33, of Main Street; Joshua J. Deleon, 25, of Pacific Street; Gilberto Varela, 36, of Arch Street; and Niair Lane, 20, of Main Street.

Also arrested were Daniel Soriano, 30, of Fairview; Eric Steinhilber, 20, of Totowa; John J. Rosta, 59, of Clifton; Amanda Petrovick, 21, of Wayne; Sydney J. Moore, 19, of Wayne; and Richard A. Marte, 21, of Lodi.

Police charged Soriano with having 20 glassines of heroin on Market and Pennington Streets that he allegedly purchased from Vineer.

Vineer was arrested on East 18th Street and 17th Avenue on August 30th, 2016. He had 550 glassines of heroin and $219 in suspected drug money, said police.

DiMitro, Thompson, and Peguero were charged with having Oxycodone pills on the same day at the intersection of Hazel Street and Montclair Avenue. Police said Peguero sold one pill to DiMitro and Thompson.

Peguero allegedly had 21 pills, said police. $133 was taken from him.

Smith, Chapman, Elliot, and Jackson were arrested at 204 Governor Street. Police charged Jackson with having 10 baggies of marijuana and 1 dollar bill with loose marijuana. Jackson allegedly sold Smith, Chapman, and Elliot 1 baggie of marijuana and 1 dollar bill with loose marijuana, said police.

On September 2nd, 2016, police arrested Steinhilber, Warren, and Robertson on 10th Avenue and East 29th Street.

Steinhilber and Warren were charged with having 4 glassines of heroin. Robertson was charged with having 2 Oxycodone pills, said police.

On the same day, police visited Bloomfield Avenue and Atlantic Street, arresting Rosta, Kelly, J. Jackson, and Deleon. J. Jackson and Deleon were charged with having 14 baggies of crack-cocaine and 4 baggies of powdered cocaine.

Police said J. Jackson and Deleon also had drug paraphernalia. Both allegedly sold 1 baggie of crack-cocaine to Rosta and Kelly. $206 in suspected drug money was taken from J. Jackson and $26 from Deleon, said the director.

Varela, Petrovick, Moore, Marte, and Lane were arrested on Chadwick and Weiss Streets on September 6th, 2016. Police said Marte and Lane had 2 baggies of marijuana. Lane also had 50 glassines of heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Marte and Lane allegedly sold 1 baggie of marijuana to Petrovickand Moore, said police. Varela was arrested for a $500 outstanding warrant at the location, said police.

Speziale said the city’s Narcotics Unit will continue to tackle the “scourge of illegal drugs” in the city.

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