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Paterson’s weekly drug sweep nets 24 arrests, 602 packets of heroin, $6,747 cash

By Jayed Rahman
Published: September 20, 2016


Two dozen people were arrested in the city’s weekly drug sweep, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police seized 602 glassines of heroin, 37 baggies of marijuana, 11 baggies of crack-cocaine, and 8 Percocet pills.

$6,747 in cash was also confiscated during the sweep from September 7th through 12th, 2016.

Arrested were city residents Kaheem N. Branch, 35, of Dixon Avenue; Whanyah Davis, 23, of Keen Street; Tirell West, 24, of Spruce Street; Javis Porter, 23, of Jefferson Street; Gene L. Bolie, 27, of Seeley Street; Demetrius R. Alford, 29, of East 28th Street; Yuan J. Reels aka “Tamir Robinson,” 39, of North 5th Street; Tyriek Hoskins, 20, of East 23rd Street; Daquon R. Izquierdo, 38, of East 31st Street; Anthony D. Lockett, 34, of Presidential Boulavard; Sharissa T. Edwards, 26, of Carroll Street; James Miller, 29, of East 42nd Street; Hani Asfour, 37, Gould Avenue; Luis E. Vega aka “Puty,” 28, Pearl Street; Jose A. Mercedes-Sanchez, 27, of East 24th Street; Roland Peterson aka “Pelucho,” 25, of Keen Street; Rubby Mieses, 24, of East 31st Street; Layjade Rodriguez, 19, of East 26th Street; Jairo Minaya, 19, of East 22nd Street; Hectorlin Pena, 24, of Madison Avenue; and Winston Saravia, 23, of Knickerbocker Avenue.

Others arrested were Andrew Na, 37, of Cliffside Park; James Porter, 39, of Haledon; and Adam M. VanVarick, 36, of Boonton.

Police arrested Branch at 116 Dixon Avenue on an outstanding $469 warrant out of Woodland Park on Sept. 7th, 2016.

Davis was caught with 10 glassine of heroin at 271 19th Avenue on the same day. $472 was confiscated from Davis. Davis allegedly attempted to run from police.

Police arrested West with 100 glassines of heroin and 6 Percocet pills at 690 East 28th Street, said the director.

On Sept. 9th, 2016, police arrested Javis Porter, Bolie, and Alford at 34 Jefferson Street.

Alford was charged with having 11 baggies of crack-cocaine, and 1 jar of marijuana, said police.  He was also charged with resisting arrest by flight.

Bolie was charged with loitering to commit a drug offense, said police. Porter was charged with resisting arrest by flight and obstructing a governmental function, according to police.

Reels was caught at 46 Clinton Street. Reels had a warrant for parole violation. And he was charged with criminal trespass, said police. He was charged with being a fugitive from justice, said police.

Police arrested Hoskins at 507 Broadway with 71 glassines of heroin, 10 baggies of marijuana, and $400 in suspected drug money.

Na, James Porter, and Izquierdo were arrested at 34 Jefferson Street on Sept. 12th, 2016.

Izquierdo was charged with having 198 glassines of heroin. $365 in suspected drug money was seized from him.

James Porter was arrested for having 215 glassines of heroin, said police. $315 in suspected drug money was seized from him. He allegedly sold 16 glassines of heroin to Na, said police.

Na was charged with having 16 glassines of heroin, said the director.

On the same day, police arrested Lockett on Clinton and North 6th Streets with 12 plastic baggies of marijuana. He was also charged with having drug paraphernalia.

Edwards, VanVarick, and Miller were arrested at 353 East 42nd Street. Edwards was charged with obstructing a governmental function while Miller and VanVarick were charged with having 8 glassines of heroin.

Miller allegedly sold the 8 glassines to VanVarick. He also had 1 baggie of marijuana, said police.

$1,285 in drug money was seized from Miller, said police.

Asfour, Vega, Peterson, and Mercedes-Sanchez were arrested at 412 Market Street. Asfour and Vega were charged with having a loose amount of marijuana.

Vega was also charged with having drug paraphernalia. $375 in suspected drug money was seized from Vega.

Mercedes-Sanchez was arrested on an $862 outstanding warrant and Peterson was arrested on a $1,600 outstanding warrant, said police.

Mieses, Rodriguez, Minaya, Pena, and Saravia were arrested at 86 Pennington Street.

Minaya and Pena were charged with having 22 baggies of marijuana. He allegedly sold 2 baggies to Mieses and Rodriguez (both were charged with posession). Minaya and Pena were also charged with having drug paraphernalia.

$30 in suspected drug money was seized from Minaya. $3,505 was seized from Pena, said police.

Saravia was charged with having 2 Percocet pills, said police.

“Those involved in the demand and supply of illegal drugs will continuously be targeted and arrested until we reach our goal of a drug free Patterson,” said Speziale.

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