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Police seize semi-automatic pistol from Paterson man

By Jayed Rahman
Published: September 27, 2016


Police seized a semi-automatic handgun from a city man found having a drinking party at the corner of North Main and Jefferson Streets on Friday night, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Bryson L. Brown, 19, was among a group of ten men, who were drinking at the intersection at about 9:50 p.m. He attempted to walk away from the group of the men drinking from open containers when police approached, said the director.

Detective sergeant Richard LaTrecchia followed him to the rear of a home on Jefferson Street. Brown was observed removing a firearm from his waistband area and attempting to discard it, said police.

LaTrecchia secured the suspect. A .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol was recovered by detective William Niebank.

Police charged Brown with unlawful weapons possession and possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose, said the director.

“The professional manner the detectives displayed resulted in the recovery of illegal firearm, and possibly prevented a more serious incident. Their efforts are commendable,” said Speziale.

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