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Teague: We were not placed here to live lives of violence

By Corey Teague
Published: October 2, 2016


Our purpose on earth is to live in peace. We were not placed here to live lives of violence, hate and killing. We must take a moment to look deep within our hearts so that we may discover and understand our true purpose. Until we learn to love and value our own individual lives we will not be able to love and value the lives of others. It goes far beyond economic inefficiency.

There is also spiritual inefficiency at work. We must find a way to focus on peace. It may sound trivial, but what we consistently dwell on will materialize. As long as our thoughts are centered on violence, hate and killing, those thoughts will continue to materialize and damage communities and families.

While there are many known factors which lead to violence we cannot negate the existence of a spiritual attack on our community as well. This isn’t about religion. This is about centering our thoughts on peace. Do whatever you must to promote peace. This isn’t the only answer but it is a great part of what will help the situation. We must begin to think peace, promote peace, talk peace, live in peace.

Corey L. Teague
Activist and school board candidate

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