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Black Lives Matter calls for release of officer’s name in Paterson’s police-involved shooting

By Jayed Rahman
Published: October 31, 2016


The Paterson chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement on Monday called on the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office to release the name of the policewoman who shot an African-American man in the abdomen outside of the Paterson Police Department.

City resident Larry Bouie, 41, was shot on Saturday when a policewoman responded to report of an emotionally disturbed person on Church Street and Broadway. He was outside of the police headquarters with his girlfriend and nine-year-old twins when her vehicle’s battery gave up.

Bouie was on the street “acting erratically” in the area outside of the police headquarters, said authorities. His girlfriend, Tasha Wade, candidly said he was “acting crazy” at the location for reasons that are not clear. The girlfriend believed he had smoked something, possibly angel dust, that resulted in the behavior.

“We tried to call an ambulance and calm him down, but couldn’t calm him. Then police came. She got out of the car, he was still acting crazy, she pulled out her gun, and she shot him,” said Wade in an interview on Sunday afternoon.

His brother Gregory Bouie said just moments before he was shot by the police officer he was asking for help. Neither the brother nor the girlfriend knew what he needed help with.

“Instead of de-escalating when called, officers instead escalate with violence, leaving the victim injured or worse,” said Zellie Imani, organizer for the city’s chapter of Black Lives Matter. The group is calling for a protest this evening outside of the police station.

The group is also demanding authorities make public any video footage of the shooting. Imani said Bouie survived the shooting and is in critical condition at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.

Bouie’s brother and girlfriend both said on Sunday afternoon police have not allowed them to visit the injured man at the hospital.

The prosecutor’s office in an update on Sunday afternoon said he was treated at the hospital and continues to receive medical care. Authorities said no arrests have been made in the shooting incident.

The county prosecutor’s office is asking anyone with information about this incident to call 1-877-370-PCPO or send information to [email protected].

Email: [email protected]

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