Sheriff: 3 Paterson residents caught with 190 Xanax pills while driving carelessly at Willowbrook Mall | Paterson Times

Sheriff: 3 Paterson residents caught with 190 Xanax pills while driving carelessly at Willowbrook Mall


Three city residents inside a Kia allegedly driving carelessly in the Willowbrook Mall parking lot on Saturday afternoon were arrested and 190 Xanax pills was seized from the vehicle, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Jarrett Baker

Jarrett Baker

Tasmin Hickman, 23; Jabril Baker, 18; and Jarrett Baker, 23 were pulled over at 5:06 p.m. for almost striking a pedestrian at the Bloomingdale’s parking lot. Sheriff’s officer Muslim Ortiz observed the driver, Jarett Baker, and front seat passenger, Hickman, switch seats. He saw a third person, Jabril Baker, in the car’s back seat.

Other officers arrived on the scene and were hit with a strong burned marijuana odor coming out of the vehicle. When questioned, all three provided differing and conflicting stories. K-9 was called in and found 190 white Xanax pills under the passenger seat. The dog also located 8 clear unlabeled pill bottles containing marijuana residue, authorities said.

Jabril Baker

Jabril Baker

Hickman and Jabril Baker were charged with obstructing a governmental function. Jabril Baker was additionally issued summonses for failure to exhibit documents and failure to wear seat belt.

Jarrett Baker was charged with three drug offenses. He was also issued summonses for failure to exhibit documents, careless driving, driving while suspended, and for failure to yield to a pedestrian.

Jarrett Baker has three active warrants out of Paterson and Kearny totaling $550, authorities said. Jarrett Baker was taken to Paterson police headquarter.

Hickman and Jabril Baker were released on their own recognizance, authorities said.

  • David Rothschild

    Let me start this comment off by saying that i am not ethnically black. I am of Asian decent. But listen, ive been around long enough to know that minorities and blacks all get selected based on looks to get pulled over. Regardless of their wreckless driving which isnt to be tolerated if its true, the "strong aroma of weed" is solely based off of judgement… to then search the car. Correct me if im wrong here, but put a group of black males in a car in a white town… and let their licenses read "Paterson," and its done with. No matter if the car smelled like roses and cherries, the cop will say "i smell weed" and he will continue to search the car. Welcome to Amerikkka 2017!