Paterson drug busts net 48 arrests, 1,309 heroin packets, and $11,575 cash | Paterson Times

Paterson drug busts net 48 arrests, 1,309 heroin packets, and $11,575 cash


The city’s police targeted drug spots throughout the city in the second-half of December making 48 arrests, seizing 1,309 glassines of heroin, and confiscating $11,575 in suspected drug money, said police director Jerry Speziale.

127 baggies of crack-cocaine, 13 baggies of marijuana, 1.2 pound of marijuana, 2 plastic jars of marijuana, 1 bottle (163 grams) of Promethazine, 57 Xanax pills, 49 Suboxone sublingual films, 3 small jars crack-cocaine, 7 Oxycodone pills, 46 vials of crack-cocaine, and 86 Ecstasy pills was seized from December 13th through December 30th, 2016.

Arrested were 31 from Paterson, 2 from Clifton, 2 from Norwood, 1 from Pompton Lakes, 1 from Prospect Park, 1 from Ramsey, 1 from Wayne, 1 from Saddle Brook, 1 from Passaic, 1 from Oakland, , 1 from Lodi, 1 from Little Falls, 1 from Harrington, 1 from Fairfield, 1 from Dumont, and 1 from Budd Lake.

There were four underage city teenagers arrested during the sweeps, according to police.

“The men and women will continue to target those involved with illegal drugs,” said Speziale.

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