Teague: ‘We are in deep trouble as a city’ | Paterson Times

Teague: ‘We are in deep trouble as a city’


Paterson seems to be a place that is detached from the rest of the world. What is truly going on here? Why are so many of our seniors losing their homes? Where is the genuine leadership? Who truly cares about Paterson? Or is that just a phrase to promote political agendas?

Why can’t we figure out what’s going on and get to the solution in a timely fashion? How is it that those who run for seats in this city have so many wonderful ideas on the campaign trail but no tangible strategies to bring those plans to fruition?
Can we really say that we have grown as a city? Can we honestly say that things are better? Can we say, as a community, that we are satisfied with the state of our city? How about the crime? What about the political corruption? Does anyone see what’s happening?

And why do we label those who sound the alarm on what’s happening as being subversive or negative? If someone sees a fire should they not yell: “FIRE! FIRE!” Does it matter whether or not that person has the means to put the fire out? Shouldn’t those who have the wherewithal to extinguish the flames be responsible to handle that part? What will it take for us to accept the fact that we are in deep trouble as a city?

When will we take a step back from all the fanfare, awards, celebrations, citations, street-naming ceremonies etc. to address the root causes of the city’s eminent demise? Let’s not kid ourselves here. We’re in big trouble.

Corey Teague is a former Board of Education commissioner and community activist.