Paterson police dismantle Mill Street drug mill seizing 650 of packets of heroin | Paterson Times

Paterson police dismantle Mill Street drug mill seizing 650 of packets of heroin


Seven people were arrested on Monday in a drug raid at a Mill Street home used to package heroin, according to police.

Police seized 650 glassines of heroin, 4 grams of pure heroin, 8 baggies of crack-cocaine, and 2 baggies of marijuana. A stolen Para .45 caliber handgun was seized in the raid at 183 Mill Street, said police.

Five Paterson and two Garfield residents were arrested in the bust. Paterson residents charged were Kwazier Murray, 18, of Lexington Avenue; Stephen Taylor, 18, of North 2nd Street; Corey Dickson, 23, of Warren Street; Johnny Suarez, 29, of Ryerson Avenue; and Alexander Aguirre, 19, of Ryerson Avenue.

Garfield residents charged were Miguel Chica, 34, of Wessing Avenue; and Andre Morales, 29, of Midland Avenue.

Detectives Salvatore Macolino and Mohan Singh investigated the location after receiving information about drug activity in the area. Both detectives saw Taylor standing outside as Murray walked towards him from the corner of Mill and Slater Streets.

Murray walked to Taylor and handed him small objects. Both detectives approached the two men. Murray ran into 183 Mill Street and shut the front common door way behind him.

Detective Singh was able to hold Taylor. 1 brick of heroin or 50 glassines were seized from Taylor, said police. Other detectives continued after Murray as he ran into the second floor of the building yelling, “Police!” in an attempt to warn his associates.

Police saw the second floor door closed, but heard people running inside the apartment. The door was forced open. Murray and four others were secured.

On the kitchen table, police saw a handgun, grinders with heroin residue inside them, boxes of glassine bags, tape, rubber bands, blenders, masks, gloves, tape, straws, scales, and stamps used for packaging heroin.

Police determined the abandoned apartment was being used as a “stash” house for drugs. There was a coach, a kitchen table, and one bed with no sheets inside the apartment.

The building is owned by a Clifton couple, according to city records.

All seven were charged with various drug offenses, weapons possession, and maintaining a heroin mill. All seven of them have been previously charged with crimes. Murray had 5 arrests for drug offenses; Taylor had two arrests (one was drug related); Dickson had six previous drug arrests and 3 felony convictions; China had 9 arrests (1 for unlawful handgun possession and two felony convictions); Morales had 18 arrests (11 for drug offenses and two for handgun possession); Suarez had eight arrests (7 for drug offenses, 4 felony convictions; and 4 probation violations); Aguirre had three previous arrests (two for drugs and two felony convictions).

“This is a substantial arrest and take-down of a heroin distribution mail in our city. We will continue to go after the demand and supply and identify those responsible for processing heroin in our city,” said police director Jerry Speziale.

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    They ALL should be given lengthy prison sentences. They all had numerous previous run ins with the law and failed to learn their lesson. Maybe giving them the full mandatory minimum 10-20 years will give them time to see the error of their ways.

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