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Paterson urges residents not to illegally shovel snow into roadways

By Jonathan Greene
Published: March 14, 2017


With as much as two feet of snow expected for the Paterson area, the city is urging residents not to illegally shovel or blow snow into roadways.

Shoveling snow into roadways carries a $50 penalty, according to municipal ordinance.

Paterson Department of Public Works will remove snow from roads during designated street cleaning day and time. DPW employees or police officers will ticket and towaway vehicles parked on the streets during designated cleaning days.

Emergency no parking rules are in effect for commercial corridors, according to Paterson mayor’s office. DPW will conduct snow removal on Main, Market, Ellison, Van Houten, Church, Washington, Colt, Cianci, Paterson, Bridge streets; Park, 10th, Union, 21st, Totowa avenues; Veteran’s Place; and Broadway.

Paterson is also urging residents to stay off the roads. “I urge residents to be safe and not travel our roads,” mayor Jose “Joey” Torres said.  “Our first responders and public safety officers are on duty and can efficiently handle any emergency, and our Department of Public Works in also on the road, cleaning our streets.”

Residents can report problems by calling the mayor’s hotline at 973-321-1558.

This report was updated on 3/14/2017 at 2:40 p.m.

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