No confidence vote on mayor ‘political positioning,’ says activist | Paterson Times

No confidence vote on mayor ‘political positioning,’ says activist


Back in July 2016, myself, members of Black Lives Matter-Paterson and dozens of community members stood before the city council to request the council put forth a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Joey Torres following the announcement of an investigation into the DPW scandal.

A majority of the council dismissed our requests. In so many words, I accused of grandstanding and being emotional. Now, I’m hearing that the council wants to put forth a no confidence vote? I find it rather disingenuous to make such a move now. Had the council taken and passed a vote of no confidence last year when this mess began, I feel it would have had a much bigger impact, despite the fact of it being a formality.

Former Mayor Jeff Jones and his entire administration was politically dragged over a bed of hot coals by the council for doing far less. To me, this reeks of the typical political positioning Paterson is accustomed to. In my opinion, this vote of no confidence is a day late and dollar short.

Corey L. Teague
City Activist

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Right on , but Jones was bad too, so was Barnes. The last mayor I think that did a good job was Pascrell.