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Paterson man threatened family member with assault rifle, police

By Jayed Rahman
Published: April 2, 2017


After responding to report of a suspicious person with a weapon on Ryerson Avenue, police chased down a man carrying an American-made version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle that was used to threaten a family member on Saturday afternoon, according to police director Jerry Speziale.

Police officers saw several residents on Ryerson and Crosby Avenues pointing in the direction of a man with a blue duffel bag in hand at about 3:40 p.m. Upon seeing the officers, the suspect — identified as city resident Angel J. Green-Valentin – ran into the yard of 159 Ryerson Avenue and jumped over a fence to the backyard of 161 Ryerson Avenue with two police officers chasing behind him.

Green-Valentin dropped the duffel bag which contained a CAI AK style .39 mm assault rifle loaded with high-capacity magazine and 55 rounds, according to police. He was taken to downtown and charged with terroristic threats, weapons offenses, and resisting arrest, said police.

Green-Valentin used to the rifle to threaten a family member just prior to leading officers on a chase, said the director.

Police officers Andres Brea, Joseph Rodriguez III, Francesco Scorpo, and sergeant Kelly Hemming were involved in the successful weapon seizure and arrest, said the director.

“The efforts by the officers involved is indicative of their dedication to making a safer city in the face of danger,” said Speziale.

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