Ex-Paterson council candidate running for NJ Senate seat reprimanded by state | Paterson Times

Ex-Paterson council candidate running for NJ Senate seat reprimanded by state


A former city council candidate seeking a New Jersey Senate seat has been reprimanded by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) for failing to timely file his campaign finance reports.

Haytham Younes was reprimanded and a penalty was levied against him for not filing campaign finance reports from his unsuccessful 2014 at-large council run, according to the commission’s decision dated April 12, 2017.

Younes submitted a belated sworn statement on April 11, 2016. Besides filing his sworn statement 728 days late, he submitted a payment of $502 to settle the matter. He received the fewest votes in a field of eight candidates in 2014.

After the state accused him of breaking election law, Younes filed a campaign finance report showing he spent $3,900 from his own pocket in the election.

Younes is running against incumbent senator Nellie Pou for the Democratic Party nomination.

  • Heidi Brown

    I can't believe this man is running for anything let alone and political office. It's always something with this crooked man. Of course he didn't file his financial report he can't. He knows nothing about the city of Paterson why you think he had the fewest votes. I worked for this man on his unsuccessful bid for council at large. He disrespected every African American that worked for him and tried not to pay us. During the debate he could not answer on question correctly, he literally knew nothing. I hope this is not what we want representing New Jersey please, please, please, do not elect this man