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Activist sounds off on 2.8-percent school tax levy


Just like you I had the chance to read a recent article about the district scaling back on their original plans to add a tax levy of 2.8%. It is certainly good to know that the tax levy is no longer on the agenda. But I am concerned about the budget as a whole.

A couple of weeks ago the school board voted down the budget because there were many components of the budget that had not been explained to them. It is interesting to note that special emphasis was placed on the tax piece and almost no discussion about the dastardly effects this budget will have on the educational well-being of the students.

I am particularly disturbed by the fact that the board is reconvening to discuss the possibility of taking a re-vote on it. I believe the board’s original vote should stand. I understand the basis of the board’s concerns with the tax levy piece of the budget but certainly they must be aware of the major cuts to programs, services and staff that is within this document.

I read that there were some negotiations made. Why wasn’t the community made aware of them?  Where will the cuts be made to cover the 2.8%? We are not out of the water just yet. There are still numerous amounts of unanswered questions. Let us remain vigilant but unrelenting in our pursuit for the answers. I trust board members will not suddenly change their votes from NAY to YAY because the levy was removed.

There are still far too many irregularities in this budget to fold at this time.

Corey Teague
Former school board member and activist