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Paterson’s ex-public safety director considering run for mayor


Former public safety director Glenn Brown announced a possible run for mayor on Wednesday morning.

“I have created an exploratory committee to seek election for the office of mayor in 2018. I feel compelled to explore this possibility due to the grave concerns about the level of corruption and other major issues facing the city of Paterson,” Brown’s announcement read.

Brown, 61, became the latest in a growing list of people considering a run for mayor in next May’s municipal elections. Incumbent mayor Jose “Joey” Torres, councilman Alex Mendez, former school board member Chauncey Brown, and former school board member Pedro Rodriguez have declared their intentions to run in next year’s race. School board member Manny Martinez has formed an exploratory committee for a possible mayoral run.

Former mayor Jeffery Jones has submitted campaign filings that suggest he will run for mayor. He has begun attending public meetings – something he did just prior to announcing his run for Congress.

Other possible candidates include council members William McKoy, Andre Sayegh, and Michael Jackson.

When asked for specific plans for issues he intends to tackle, Brown said, “I’m still working on my platform.” He also said he won’t release his plans for fear other candidates will swipe his ideas. “If I announce the war now, there are no causalities,” he said. “I’m not going to put my platform out a year early.” He and his team have been reaching out to the city’s various communities. He has received a good reception from some of the community leaders he has contacted, said Brown. He described the reaction as “very positive.”

Brown’s announcement appears to take a dig at Torres who has been indicted on corruption charges. Torres has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. He described himself as a “leader who will put an end to the corrupt practices and incompetence” in city government.

Torres appointed Brown as public safety director in 2006. The incumbent replaced Brown with police director Jerry Speziale in 2014. Brown then resigned from the post of fire director leaving city government in 2014.

Brown is currently employed as the director of security by the Passaic County Community College. He secured the $90,000 job after failing to get himself on the Paterson Public School District payroll. He has been working for the college since January 2016, according to college records. Brown also collects a $100,000 pension after retiring from his chief of detectives post from the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Brown has filed a lawsuit against the school district alleging discrimination after state-appointed district superintendent Donnie Evans’s administration withdrew a job offer. There was criticism against the district over whether Brown was qualified to run the bussing program.

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