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Paterson Art Factory owes more than $910,000 in property taxes


The owner of the Art Factory owes $910,385 in property taxes to the city, according to municipal documents.

Owed taxes go back to 2014 for the series of old industrial buildings that have been converted to office space for small businesses. The Art Factory, located on Spruce Street, is owned by David Garsia through a company called the Great Falls Industrial Park.

Garsia referred a request for comment to his attorney Michael Rubin of Wayne-based Law Offices of A. Michael Rubin.

“Pocket change,” Rubin called the amount his client owes to the city. “Eventually it will be paid. When Mr. Garsia says it will be paid, I know it will be at some point. It just isn’t happening right now, but it will happen.”

There were some talks between the city and the owner of the Art Factory to sort out the issues of owed taxes and 170 summonses issued to the owner and tenants in October 2016 at the Spruce Street location. The city issued the summonses claiming the owners and tenants needed certificate of occupancies to operate businesses out of the building.

Building owners and businesses are required to obtain certificate of occupancies, according to municipal ordinance. The Art Factory argues its buildings are historic, constructed in the 1840s at 70 Spruce Street and are governed by the Rehabilitation Subcode of the Uniform Construction Code, and therefore do not need a certificate of occupancy.

The dispute between the city and the Art Factory have yet to be settled. The talks between the city and the owner have halted months ago.

The city also issued 40 additional summonses for the Art Factory building on Totowa Avenue in November 2016.

The Art Factory is known for its annual Art Walk that attracts thousands of people to the Silk City. This annual event has been described as the biggest art event in northern New Jersey.

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  • Vindicated

    It looks like he'll just pay a fraction of that. This city is in turmoil, with all the corruption!

  • MAC

    lmfaooooooooo..if its "pocket change", pay that shit off already

  • Dominick Perez

    Paterson is so corrupt that all he has to do is bribe Joey before he goes to prison and a few council members and he'll be off the hook.