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Teague: Bring Paterson students back to district


I have an opinion about the recent article you published concerning the bussing situation. This is just my opinion and I’m entitled to it. Let me preface my letter by stating that I am a parent and activist in the city.

Recently, the school district decided to take away courtesy bussing to Passaic County Technical Institute. That move caused roughly 500 students to now be left without proper transportation to the technical high school. As of now, many parents are protesting this move.

What should be understood is that PCTI would not be PCTI without the talented students of Paterson. I have an idea. How about we make an effort to bring the children home and to create a technical vocational high school in the City of Paterson?

Our children possess the innate tools, skills and knowledge to be successful right here at home. Maybe we should take this as a sign that a chapter is over and the new chapter begins. Paterson students should be able to go to school in Paterson.

I urge the parents to stand up, speak out and change the course of history with moving to bring our children home. I believe that would plug an enormous hole in the local school budget as well which would provide more services for students here in Paterson.

Let’s get back to rebuilding our city.

Corey Teague
Activist, former school board member

[Editor’s note: Passaic County Technical Institute started in Paterson as the Paterson Vocational School in 1917. Mayor Frank Graves turned over the Paterson Tech to the Board of Passaic County Freeholders in 1964. The school’s need to accommodate more and more students forced it to relocate to Wayne.]


    Sadly , Paterson public schools do not offer the same education as PCTI. Hence, why Paterson students decide to enroll in PCTI.

    • George Willis

      This why Mr. Teague keeps losing election. He just don't get it.

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        He lost because Pearson and the Charters rigged the election, he is more well known and respected in Paterson than most of the hacks on the BOE .

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      That is done on purpose. Evans was sent to decimate Paterson so they can justify Charter expansion-which like the cancer it is which eventually spread up Preakness ave,

  • Bill

    Paterson can't get potholes fixed, balance a budget or stop drug activity. Why would I want my child to go to school here when there is nothing but cuts and corruption?

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Though Mr Teague's heart is in the right place, unfortunately we dont live in utopia. Paterson would rather give money and the district over to charters than do the right thing and competently run the district properly. Evans has been a disaster since day 1 and his intentions of ruining the district the way Cami, Cerf ruined Newark was evident in his court disposition. Create a failing system , people get angry, turn everything over to private capital (charters) . That being said, let PCTI pay for the buses themselves. We are already footing the bill for their expansion thanks to corrupt Oshin Castillo who was rewarded with a no show job.