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Time to restore transportation for Paterson students

By To the Editor
Published: July 13, 2017


In the past month, the uncertainty created by the announcement of the removal of courtesy transportation for 491 students attending the Passaic County Technical Institute and 199 other students attending schools within the district has led us to organize parents to ask for continuity of a service that has been present for decades.

This can’t be a financial decision, it’s a life changing decision.

Recently, approval of the NJ state budget will grant an additional $4.3 million compared to the previous year to the Paterson School District. Additionally, the superintendent of the Passaic County Technical Institute agreed to cover half of the transportation costs incurred by students who go to PCTI from our city.

Finally, the retirement of Superintendent Dr. Donnie Evans has opened the doors to two women who have developed professionally in our district and who know extensively the needs of the students and our community. They will carry out the transformations necessary to solve the transportation problem that has the potential to end in a tragedy for any student who walks through the dangerous stretch of Preakness Avenue.

We welcome the promotion to Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of Eileen Shafer and Susana Peron, who have served this district for the past 25 and 31 years respectively.

It is time to bring relief and tranquility to parents living with the uncertainty of putting their children at risk while attending the Paterson and PCTI schools. We are confident that we have the right people at the helm of the district and we ask them to present a solution to this uncertainty at the same time that we wish them success in their new positions.

Pedro Rodriguez
Former school board member and mayoral candidate

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