Tires of Paterson’s decoy police car parked in high crime area slashed | Paterson Times

Tires of Paterson’s decoy police car parked in high crime area slashed


The city’s police found their decoy police car parked on the side of the Danforth Memorial Library to deter criminal activity in the area with four slashed tires on Monday morning.

Police had the Ford Crown Victoria towed from Summer Street and Broadway. Police director Jerry Speziale referred questions to deputy chief Heriberto “Eddie” Rodriguez. Placing the marked police vehicle in the area of the city called the “belly of the beast” for violence and drug trafficking was Rodriguez’s idea, according to police officials.

Rodriguez did not respond to a message seeking his comments for this report on Monday morning.

Rodriguez is one of three men vying to become the city’s next police chief. He has been attempting to prove his crime fighting abilities to both residents and municipal officials. In mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ series of town hall meetings in May, Rodriguez  said he had plans to battle violence and crime in the city, but has not released any details.

The area around the historic library is a haven for drug addicts and dealers. The incident happened four blocks away from the Paterson police headquarters.

Some have said the vehicle has been parked at the location for more than a week. There was a visible police presence around the library on Monday morning. It’s not clear whether one or more the perpetrators were caught on camera slashing the four tires.

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  • Plumber

    That worked well. Next time try a foot patrol

    • Dominick Perez

      They're scared to death to walk through there.

      • Jimmy

        But but but its their people.

      • Fox Mulder

        Paterson PD are never scared. But they are short handed. After the layoffs they haven’t recovered from that. U can’t place people when there aren’t enough to keep up with the regular calls for service.

  • Jimmy

    Eddie Rodriguez a joke. Watch out for him!

  • Hood

    It should of be towed for abandedment ppd is so crooked it don't make sense.

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    Fuck the police fucking bitches

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