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Paterson man allegedly carrying loaded handgun ran from cops


25-year-old city resident Shaquan Capron led police officers on a chase through a backyard early Thursday morning, according to police director Jerry Speziale.

Police officers chased him to the backyard of 323 12th Avenue. Once cornered by the officers, Capron allegedly resisted by force. He was seen throwing a silver object over the wall of 325 12th Avenue, according to police.

Police officers had to tackle him to the ground and place him under arrest, said the director.

The chase began when officers responded to the intersection of 12th Avenue and East 23rd Street at about 4:57 a.m. while on routine patrol to find half-dozen men congregating in the area. When the officers approached, Capron began behaving suspiciously, gripping his waist and looking back at the officers.

Then he began to run from the officers.

Police recovered a loaded Taurus 9 MM handgun with 12 rounds, said the director. Capron has been charged with weapons offenses and resisting arrest. He was also charged with certain persons not to have a weapon – a charge that indicates a previous criminal conviction.

Police officers Eudy Ramos, Jonathan Bustios, and Frank Toledo made the successful arrest.