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Paterson kindergartener left on school bus


The city’s school district has fired a driver and relived an aide of transportation duties for leaving a kindergarten student on the school bus on Monday afternoon.

The student was being transported from the Dale Avenue School to School 14.  The driver dropped off students at School 14 on Union Avenue. As the driver departed School 14, the student remained sleeping in the bus.

Typically, a child check would discover a sleeping student on the bus. Terry Corallo, spokeswoman for the public schools, said acting superintendent Eileen Shafer took steps to ensure the bus driver is terminated and the aide is fired from all transportation duties for the incident described as “inexcusable.”

Corallo said the district is fining the bus company — Clifton-based 4 Diamond Transportation — $1,000. The driver is an employee of the bus company while the aide is employed by the district.

“Superintendent Shafer is reaching out to the parents directly to assure them that our children’s safety is our top priority and we have no tolerance for such lapse in following proper protocols,” said Corallo.

The district has had some other incidents where students were left on the bus in September. In each case, the district fined the bus company and fired both aide and driver.

One bus company, U.S. Student Services of Woodland Park, almost lost more than 30 routes following two incidents – a student was left on the bus and the driver failed to report a minor accident.

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