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Retired Paterson teacher hits the lottery, again, winning $1 million

By Jonathan Greene
Published: January 26, 2018


A retired city teacher hit the lottery for a second time winning a $1 million prize, according to the New Jersey Lottery.

Nicholas Fierro purchased a $4 Powerball ticket on September 6, 2017. His five numbers matched the white balls drawn winning the $1 million prize, New Jersey Lottery said on Friday.

“I am going to consider carefully how to handle the winnings and God bless the USA,” Fierro told the New Jersey Lottery of his latest win. He purchased his winning ticket at the Union Food Store on Union Boulevard in Totowa.

Fierro of Totowa is not inexperienced at hitting the lottery. He was among a group of 38 co-workers from a Paterson elementary school to score a winning ticket for a $90 million New York State Lottery jackpot in 1991.

Calling themselves, K-39, the group claimed one of the nine winning tickets for a special drawing that was held by the lottery making their share of the jackpot $10 million. For 20 years, the group received modest quarterly payments.

“The prize money helped me put my children through college and helped the other group members in many ways,” Fierro said.

Fierro spends $2-4 on lottery games with the largest jackpot each day.

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