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Paterson police arrest seven in Park Avenue drug raid

By Jayed Rahman
Published: February 28, 2018


Seven people were arrested during a raid at a Park Avenue house, said police director Jerry Speziale on Tuesday night.

Police charged city residents Andy Sanchez, 21; Jose Segura, 24; Julissa Fabian, 19; Marly Disla-Perez, 24; Ramon Cruz, 18; Susanna Urena, 51; Angel Florian, 51 on various drugs and weapons charges.

Speziale said police raided 200 Park Avenue at about 5:45 p.m. last Friday. He said 73 baggies of cocaine, a handgun, hollow point bullet, and drug paraphernalia were seized in the raid.

Police confiscated $335 from Segura, $456 from Sanchez, and $1,421 from Urena.

Detectives began their investigation into “Papi,” later identified as Sanchez, in January, for alleged drug dealing in the area.

Sanchez and Fabian were discovered flushing several packages of cocaine down a toilet. Police caught on to what was taking place.

Detective Jason English heard toilet flushing in a room and made his way to find evidence was being destroyed. 63 bags of soaking wet bags of cocaine was discovered on top of a medicine cabinet.

A police dog searched the second-floor apartment and found traces of drugs on fridge and kitchen. 10 other bags of cocaine were discovered in a black bag. A search of the attic yielded a Taurus .38 special loaded with four live rounds.

A hollow point round was found inside a Nike sneaker box in a closet.

The house was being used to manufacture drugs. Police found a digital scale, cutting agent, a bottle of Acetone, and other drug paraphernalia.

“The detectives tireless efforts has shut another manufacturing location and arrested those responsible for putting illegal drugs on our streets,” said Speziale.

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