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Paterson deals with $546,514 in workers compensation claims

By Jayed Rahman
Published: April 18, 2018


The city council approved a series of workers compensation payouts that go back to 2002 on Tuesday night.

Council members approved 8 workers compensation claims and did not act on 7 others following a closed-door meeting.

The council approved $301,998 worth of claims:

The seven cases taken off were:

“We took the old cases,” said council vice president Luis Velez. “The administration has been dropping the bombs on us. Here pick them up, deactivate them. Make sure it doesn’t explode. If it explodes, it’s your fault, council.”

Velez said the other cases will be considered during a future meeting. The city’s budget does not have enough money to cover the workers compensation claims.

Next week, the council has to consider emergency appropriations to cover the claims.

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