Lake Hiawatha man crashed Porsche in Paterson and fled from cops | Paterson Times

Lake Hiawatha man crashed Porsche in Paterson and fled from cops


A man from Lake Hiawatha was arrested in Elmwood Park five days after crashing his vehicle outside of a school in Paterson and fleeing law enforcement officers, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

James A. Launzinger, 48, was located staying with a woman with several outstanding warrants in Elmwood Park, authorities said. Authorities arrested him on Wednesday on resisting arrest by eluding, unlawful taking, and drug possession.

Launzinger was issued 28 motor vehicle summonses, authorities said. On Saturday, May 12, Launzinger was driving a black 2017 Porsche that officers tried to pull over on North 7th and Oxford streets at around 9:46 p.m.

Authorities said Launzinger eluded the officers and crashed his vehicle near School 5. He fled on foot behind Hinchliffe Stadium. Officers behind him eventually lost sight of him, authorities said.

Eight glassine envelopes of heroin were recovered inside the crash vehicle. Detectives identified the driver of the vehicle as Launzinger.

Authorities said Launzinger was staying with Heather A. Lawson, 42 of Elmwood Park. He had an active arraignment warrant from the Passaic County Superior Court and a $1,000 criminal warrant out of Wayne Township.

Launzinger was taken to the Passaic County Jail.

Lawson had warrants out of three municipalities. $1,500 warrant out of Clifton, $1,000 warrant out of Verona Township, and $750 warrant out of Elmwood Park.

Lawson was transported to the Clifton Police Department.

  • peejay1954

    How could this junkie afford a 2017 Porsche?

    • John C

      How could the Monkey drug dealers in Paterson afford to buy drugs to sell? Oh that's right, it was you that stuck up for a drug dealer in another post saying "how could they raid that house knowing their was children there."

      • peejay1954

        What you said makes no sense at all! If you got past reading comprehension in 4th grade, you will see this guy is from Lake Hiawatha, not a "monkey drug dealer in Paterson".

        This comment above comes to you courtesy of a racist bigot who makes grandiose statements as to where I'm coming from without knowing anything about me.
        I'll bet you work at StarBucks and call the cops anytime some African American or Latino comes in the store


  • Pat Marino

    So sad that a Mother has to read this. May God lead him in the right direction .Having a family suffer for years hurts ✝️