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Mayor unveils 90-page plan for Paterson

By Jayed Rahman
Published: September 20, 2018


Mayor Andre Sayegh unveiled a 90-page plan produced by his transition team on Thursday afternoon to tackle some of the city’s most pressing issues.

Some of the key goals outlined in the report include:

The report contains specific implementation time frame for each recommendation. Sayegh said some of the recommendations have been implemented. He said not all recommendations will be put into effect.

“We want to make sure we manifest what we’ve talked about. It can’t just be campaign rhetoric. It’s got to be results,” said Sayegh. “We’re positioning Paterson for progress.”

The mayor had two dozen of his transition team members at the unveiling on the second floor of City Hall.

“There’s a real guarded optimism,” said Jamie Dykes, president of the Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce, referring to the sentiment of the business community. He said the new mayor has been accommodating to business.

Dykes served on the mayor’s transition team.

Two members of the City Council – Luis Velez and Lilisa Mimms — attended the unveiling event.

Ruby Cotton appeared after the event.

Some of the suggestions in the report existed before Sayegh took over as mayor. For example, the rent leveling board and a municipal identification card program.

“We have a plan. It’s a plan for progress,” said business administrator Vaughn McKoy. He served as the chairman of the transition team.

The full transition plan can be found here.

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