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Sayegh unveils new logo, slogan in effort to re-brand Paterson

By Jayed Rahman
Published: October 22, 2018


Mayor Andre Sayegh unveiled a new logo and slogan – “Great Falls. Great Food. Great Future” – on Monday morning in an effort to re-brand the city.

“We’re looking to rebuild Paterson. If you are going to rebuild a city, you’ve got to rebrand the city,” said Sayegh. “Today, we’re rebranding Paterson.”

Sayegh put five slogans to a vote on his social media page. 781 votes were counted. “Great Falls. Great Food. Great Future” received 335 votes. “People, Passion, Power” came in second place with 226.

The other three slogans – Be a Part of the Start; Where Old Meets New; and Built Beautifully – received under 100 votes.

Sayegh said the slogan and the new logo — which combined the iconic Great Falls and a cog to create a distinctive emblem — will be used on marketing materials.

“We went with a very modern design and text,” said Frank Filippelli Jr. of Manic Animatics. “It shows our past and future all wrapped into one.” His team spent 10 days designing the new logo, he said.

Filippelli explained the meaning behind some of the elements in the logo. For example, the seven teeth on the cog represents the 77-foot waterfall. The 17 support beams on the bridge represent the city’s founding century — 1700s.

“There’s a lot of things hidden in here,” said Filippelli (pictured next to Sayegh).

The mayor’s logo and slogan unveiling was attended by council president Maritza Davila and councilman Luis Velez.

“This is the one I like,” said Davila. Sayegh said she took part in the voting process.

The mayor said the logo highlights what is distinctive about Paterson. Its ethnic food and the Great Falls.

“This is going to drive economic development. This is how we’re going to market the city,” said Sayegh.

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