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Paterson, Lodi men arrested with 5 pounds of cannabis-infused edibles

By Jonathan Greene
Published: December 1, 2018


A pair of men were arrested with five pounds of cannabis-infused edibles in a surveillance operation on East 19th Street on Thursday, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Ramon Rivera, 47, of Paterson, and Daniel Blesing, 38, of Paterson, were observed exchanging cash for drugs on East 19th Street and Park Avenue, authorities said. Rivera has been charged with 10 drug offenses. Blesing has been charged with 4 drug offenses, authorities said.

Rivera-and-BlesingDetectives saw Rivera get out of 779 East 18th Street on multiple occasions. Outside, he beckoned pedestrians and passerbys. Moments later, Blesing pulled up in a Kia sedan and parked it across from 779 East 19th Street.

Rivera and Blesing met. After a brief conversation, detectives observed Rivera hand Blesing several items in exchange for cash.

Blesing’s vehicle was pulled over. Inside the car, detectives found five pounds of THC liquids and cannabis-infused edibles.

50 cartridges containing liquid THC. 19 pre-rolled cigars containing marijuana. 11 packaged candy laced with THC. 11 packaged wax laced with THC. 4 packaged Brownies laced with THC. 3 chocolate bars laced with THC. 1 cookie laced with THC. 4 Rice Krispie treats laced with THC. 1 small glass capsule of THC extract. And 3 vaporizers for marijuana.

Authorities said Blesing also had two small baggies of cocaine. He admitted he bought them from Rivera.

Authorities confiscated $796 in drug money from Blesing.

A second group of detectives arrested Rivera outside his residence. He had a zip-locked baggie of cocaine and $290 in his pants right front pocket. A search of his apartment yielded 1 cartridge containing THC, 3-small capsules containing THC, 1 knotted clear plastic bag containing 5 grams of cocaine, numerous empty small zip-locked baggies, and a digital scale.

Both men are being held at the Passaic County Jail.

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