Paterson cops arrest two after spotting group hanging out, blasting music on North 10th Street | Paterson Times

Paterson cops arrest two after spotting group hanging out, blasting music on North 10th Street


The police arrested two city men after spotting half-dozen people hanging out and blasting music from a car on North 10th Street on Monday night, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Jael Mendez, 20, and Anthony Rodriguez, 20, both of Paterson, were arrested, police said.

Mendez was among the five people on the sidewalk outside of 65 North 10th Street. After police officers got out of their vehicle, Mendez began to walk away from the group. As he walked away, he kept looking over his shoulder at the officers.

Police observed his pants pocket bulging. The officers, suspecting a gun in his pocket, ordered him to stop.

Mendez stopped. He was patted down and a Lorcin L22 .22 caliber handgun was recovered from his pocket. 8 jars of marijuana were recovered from Mendez’s left pocket, police said.

Police also recovered seven hollow point bullets.

The officers ordered the other men to stop and show their hands. They were ordered to provide their identification information.

Faizon Jackson, Amado Rodriguez, and Andaiaw Rodriguez complied. All three were issued summonses for obstructing a public passage way.

Anthony Rodriguez walked to the top of the steps at 65 North 10th Street and stayed there. Police ordered him to walk down.

“What the f–k for? I live here,” Anthony Rodriguez answered.

Police told him he had to provide his information for a summons.

“I ain’t giving you shit,” Anthony Rodriguez said.

Other police officers arrived at the scene. Mendez was placed in a police car for transport. Anthony Rodriguez was told he was under arrest.

Police placed Anthony Rodriguez in handcuffs without an incident. He told a police officer to turn off the idling blue Honda that was blasting music at the location. Police turned off the car and observed 1 jar of marijuana on top of the driver’s seat, 1 marijuana cigar, and 1 Oxycodone pill.

Anthony Rodriguez was charged with drug possession, obstructing a public passage way, and loud music.

Mendez was charged with marijuana possession, three weapons charges, and obstructing a public passage way.

Both Mendez and Rodriguez were taken to headquarters for processing.

Police said the weapon recovered was reported stolen out of Winton, North Carolina.

Police officers Thomas Giaquinto and Ryan Duffy made the arrests and issued the summonses.

  • Dominick Perez

    Ryan Duffy got his job through nepotism. His daddy was a freeholder. The Duffy family are as crooked as a three dollar bill. Coke is sold in their bar on River street how come it never gets raided?

    • James Joyce

      They will get theirs. Probably not for drugs but definitely for pedophilia.